Aviato Aged Leather Chair with Quilted Stitching - IN STOCK


The Aviato Aged Leather Chair with Quilted Stitching and distressed silver/rust base encapsulates industrial chic.

Add the beautiful warm leather tones into your decor.


They're made to look rustic and industrial with their purposeful blemishes.

Team the Aviato Dining Chairs up with a modern, straight-lined table or an industrial rustic table...they suit almost any decor!

It's a great way to introduce warm hues into your interior.


Approx 48cm (w) x 50cm (d) x 80cm (h) (seat height approx 50cm (h))


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This item is not manufactured for outdoor use.

These items are handcrafted, making each one unique and individual. Variations exist between each item. Discolourations and blemishes are intentional and should be both expected and appreciated. Colours/finishes between items may vary slightly from each shipment and to photographs on website. Photographs of items from different shipments and in different lighting have been added to website to show possible colour variations.


Height 80.00
Depth 50.00