Botanique Lamp VI

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Botanique Lamp


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This item is available for purchase in store only. Inspection required prior to purchase. 

Note: This item is not manufactured for outdoor use.

Our collection features individually handcrafted items, each with its own unique flair, thanks to the use of natural and recycled timbers. These materials naturally bear imperfections and distinct characteristics that enhance the individual charm of each piece. Normal occurrences like cracks, splits, and other movements in the wood are typical of its natural and 'living' nature, and they contribute to the furniture's unique appeal. These timbers are susceptible to changes in humidity and temperature, potentially causing expansion and contraction, which is expected behavior for such materials. To ensure longevity, avoid placing furniture in direct sunlight or near heating and cooling systems. The timber's color and finish will vary from piece to piece, adding to its unique and rustic charm. We advise inspecting each item carefully before purchasing.