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Both classic and contemporary, the Sainz Aged Leather Dining Chair plays on European detailing with a Classic American sensibility. 


Sainz Aged Leather Dining Chair

Distressed Espresso finish leather with weathered oak legs


Approx: 62cm (w) x 58cm (d) x 83cm (h) (seat height approx 46cm (h))


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These items are handcrafted out of genuine leather, making each one unique and individual. Leather is a natural material. Variations and individual characteristics exist between each item. The leather is purposely aged so as not to have a ‘perfect’ finish. It is expected for leather to wear with use, which only adds to its character. There are both natural and purposeful blemishes, abrasions, depressions, discolourations, creases and other minor distressing in the leather which are not considered imperfections. Both natural and intentional, these should be both expected and appreciated. Colours/finishes between items may vary slightly from each shipment and to photographs on website. Photographs of items from different shipments and in different lighting have been added to website to show possible colour variations. As each piece is individual with its own characteristics and distressing can be difficult to translate via images, please inspect prior to purchase.

This item is not manufactured for outdoor use.

Decorative cushions not included