Side Tables

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Discover your ideal accent table in our collection of round, square, and rectangle side tables. Whether it's a lamp table for the family room or a lounge room side table, our range spans modern to classic, rustic to Hamptons-inspired styles. Designed for style, storage, and functionality, our tables feature materials like timber, rattan, metal, and glass. Explore our showroom today.


How Can You Choose the Right Side Table for Your Space?

Choosing the right side table involves considering the table’s size, shape, material, and compatibility with your existing decor. It's crucial to select a table that complements the height and depth of your sofa or chair, ensuring functionality and visual harmony. Material choice, from timber and metal to glass and rattan, should align with your room's aesthetic and durability needs. Finally, the table's style should enhance your living space's overall theme, whether it's modern minimalism, rustic charm, or Hamptons elegance.


How to Incorporate a 'Mix Not Match' Aesthetic with Side Tables?

Incorporating a 'mix not match' aesthetic with side tables involves selecting pieces that differ in style, color, or material but still complement the overall decor. This approach allows for creative expression and adds visual interest to your space. For example, pairing a sleek metal side table with a traditional wooden one can create a dynamic and eclectic look. The key is to maintain a cohesive design theme through color, texture, or form, ensuring the space feels intentionally styled rather than haphazard.


Why Are Multipurpose Side Tables Essential in Modern Homes?

Multipurpose side tables, including those traditionally used as bedside tables, are becoming indispensable in modern homes for their unmatched versatility and ability to meet diverse needs. These tables come with innovative designs that enable them to function beyond their primary purpose, feature innovative designs that allow them to serve as more than just a place to set a lamp or alarm clock; they can also be storage units or compact workspaces. This adaptability is especially crucial in smaller homes or apartments, where maximising space is key. By choosing a side table that can transition between rooms and spaces, you're investing in a piece that offers flexible solutions without sacrificing style or design integrity, perfectly aligning with the dynamic requirements of contemporary living.