Travellers Rectangular Trunks - SMALL - Sold Out

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The Travellers Rectangular Trunks not only look great, but they're also a handy storage solution!


Available in 3 sizes. Sold separately.

Small: approx 54cm x 32cm x 32cm (h)

Medium: approx 64cm x 36cm x 36cm (h)

Large: approx 74cm x 41cm x 39cm (h)


As they are industrial pieces, each have their own unique characteristics. You can view them in our showroom.
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Our items are handcrafted, making each one unique and individual. Variations exist between each item. Our Industrial pieces are purposely made not to have a ‘perfect’ finish. All industrial pieces have purposeful minor distressing in the colour/finish – this includes  ‘shaving’ back of paint colour in areas and purposeful depressions which are not considered imperfections. 

Height 32.00
Depth 32.00