Coffee Tables

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Explore our carefully curated collection of coffee tables, designed to enhance your living room. Discover versatile styles, including round and rectangle coffee tables, spanning from modern to classic, rustic to Hamptons-inspired, seamlessly blending practicality and beauty. Whether you're looking for a perfect centerpiece for your daily family room rituals or a stylish addition to your lounge room, we have you covered. Visit our showroom today.


How Do Coffee and Side Tables Enhance the Functionality and Aesthetics of Living Spaces?

Coffee and side tables play a pivotal role in enhancing both the functionality and aesthetics of living rooms and lounge areas. These pieces not only provide a convenient surface for drinks, books, and decorative items but also contribute significantly to the room's overall design theme. Whether you're drawn to the sleek lines of modern tables or the cozy charm of Hamptons-inspired styles, our collection offers a diverse range of materials like timber, rattan, metal, and glass, ensuring you can find the perfect piece to complement your space and lifestyle.


How to Incorporate Mixed Materials in Coffee and Side Tables for a Unique Look?

Incorporating mixed materials in coffee and side tables can create a unique and eye-catching look in your living space. Our collection features tables that blend materials like timber and metal for an industrial vibe, rattan and glass for a lighter, coastal feel, or metal and glass for a sleek, modern aesthetic. When mixing materials, consider the balance and flow of the room, ensuring that the table complements rather than clashes with the existing decor. Mixed material tables can add texture, contrast, and interest to your living or lounge room, making a statement while providing functionality.


What Makes Hamptons-Inspired Coffee and Side Tables a Timeless Choice?

Hamptons-inspired coffee and side tables are timeless choices for their elegant simplicity, light color palettes, and use of natural materials. Characterised by their casual yet sophisticated coastal vibe, these tables often feature timber construction with a focus on craftsmanship and durability. Ideal for creating a serene and inviting atmosphere, Hamptons-style tables effortlessly complement a wide range of interior designs, from traditional to contemporary, making them a versatile option for elevating the elegance of any living space.