Sideboards, Buffets & Consoles

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Elevate your space with our curated sideboards, consoles, and buffet tables, seamlessly balancing visual appeal and practical storage. Ideal for dining rooms, living spaces, or hallways, our styles span modern to Hamptons-inspired. Discover standout pieces like our curved Francia Sideboard and Louis Buffet, uniting practicality with timeless design. Explore organic materials like oak timbers and rattan. For functional and stylish storage, visit our showroom today.


How Do You Match a Sideboard or Buffet Table with Your Home's Theme?

When integrating a new sideboard, buffet, or console into your home, how do you ensure it complements your interior design theme? Consider the architectural elements and color palette of your space. Whether your home exudes a modern minimalist vibe, a cozy rustic charm, or the breezy feel of a Hamptons beach house, selecting a piece that echoes these characteristics can create a cohesive look. Explore our diverse collection for pieces that enhance and reflect your unique style.


What Considerations Should Be Made for Space and Functionality?

In selecting the perfect piece of furniture for your home, what are the key considerations regarding space and functionality? Think about the available space in your room and the primary function you need the piece to serve. Do you need more storage in your dining area, a stylish surface in your hallway, or a versatile piece in your living room? With thoughtful selection, these pieces can serve multiple roles, from a display surface for art and collectibles to an additional serving area during gatherings, or even as a media console. Let us show you how versatile these pieces can be, adding not just beauty but also practicality to any room.


How to Personalise Your Sideboard or Buffet for a Unique Look?

What are some creative ways to personalise your sideboard or buffet table, making it a unique centerpiece in your room? Experiment with decorative items such as lamps, vases, or artwork to reflect your personal style. Mixing textures, materials, and colors can also elevate the piece, making it truly yours. Discover our range of sideboards and buffet tables that serve as the perfect canvas for your creativity.


What Tips Can Help Ensure Your New Furniture Fits Perfectly in Your Home?

Before making your final selection, what tips can help ensure the new sideboard, console, or buffet table will fit seamlessly into your home? Measure your space carefully and consider the flow of the room. Think about how the new piece will interact with other furniture and elements in the space. Our expert team is here to assist you with dimensions, styling advice, and recommendations to ensure you choose a piece that enhances your home perfectly.