Armchairs & Sofas

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Transform your living room with our luxurious collection of armchairs, merging comfort with distinguished style. Ideal for unwinding in your family room or hosting in your formal lounge, our occasional armchairs and sofas complement any lounge room design. Select from plush, elegant upholsteries, chic Hamptons-inspired designs, our distinctive blue and white stripes, or more modern or contemporary styles. The perfect armchair to enhance your space awaits.


Selecting the Perfect Armchair or Sofa

When selecting your ideal armchair, it's crucial to balance comfort with style. Consider the size, comfort level, and design that best suits your space, whether it's a family room, living room, or bedroom. Do you prefer the classic elegance of a wingback chair, the casual comfort of occasional chairs, or the distinctive style of a Hamptons-inspired blue and white ticking stripe armchair? Think about materials as well; plush linen blend upholsteries offer luxurious comfort, while aged leather adds a touch of timeless sophistication. For those who admire traditional elegance, our classic aged leather chesterfields are a perfect choice, offering both comfort and iconic style. Ensure that the armchair or lounge not only fits the intended space but also complements its ambiance, be it in a lounge room or a formal setting. Each piece in our collection, whether it's a chic Hamptons style piece or a modern accent chair, is designed to enhance the aesthetic of your space.


Material and Design Choices

Selecting the right material and design for your armchair or sofa is key to matching your personal style and lifestyle needs. Our range features a variety of materials, from luxurious linen blend upholsteries and Hamptons style blue and white ticking stripe designs to aged leather for a more classic look. Each material offers different benefits, whether you're looking for durability, ease of maintenance, or pure aesthetic appeal. Our accent chairs not only add comfort but also serve as stylish additions to your lounge room, family room, or any other space in your home.


How to Style Your Armchair or Sofa

Styling your armchair or sofa is key to creating a cohesive and inviting atmosphere in your home. Whether you're integrating a luxurious armchair into your living room or positioning a statement sofa in your family room, consider the overall aesthetic of your space. For a harmonious look, match your armchair or sofa with complementary elements like cushions, throws, and rugs. A plush occasional armchair or a classic aged-leather chesterfield can be paired with contrasting textures or colors to add depth to your room. If your space has a Modern aesthetic, consider a more contemporary chair. In smaller spaces, opt for a compact, Hamptons-inspired armchair or sofa in light colors to make the area feel more open and airy. For larger spaces, consider a statement piece like an aged leather sofa or a boldly patterned armchair to anchor the room. Remember, the key is to balance comfort with style, creating a space that is both welcoming and reflective of your personal taste.