Extendable Dining Tables

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Discover Extendable Elegance at Canalside Interiors: Our exquisite collection of UK-designed extendable dining tables, available in a sophisticated Hamptons style, are a perfect fit for any dining occasion. With a versatile selection that includes options to seat up to 20 guests, and effortless designs featuring our unique butterfly extension mechanism, our premium oak and white cedar extendable tables offer both practicality and elegance. Ideal for both cozy family meals and grand gatherings, our extension tables adapt to your space and needs. Explore our diverse range online or visit our Sydney showroom, where our team is ready to assist you in finding your perfect extendable table for an enhanced dining space.


Selecting the Ideal Dining Table: Fixed or Extendable?

When choosing the perfect dining table for your home, consider the unique benefits of both fixed and extendable options. Extendable dining tables are a versatile solution, ideal for adapting to various occasions and guest numbers. They offer the flexibility to expand for larger gatherings, ensuring you have ample space when needed. On the other hand, fixed dining tables, with their stable and unchanging form, create a consistent focal point in your dining area. They are perfect for those who prefer a permanent layout and offer a reliable foundation for everyday dining and home decor. Whether you opt for a space-saving extension table or a classic fixed table, each style brings its own charm and functionality, meeting different lifestyle and space requirements in your dining room.


What Size Dining Table should I Buy?

Finding the perfect dining table size is essential to complement both the functionality and design of your dining area. Our collection encompasses a diverse range of table sizes, catering to every space requirement. Whether you're in need of a compact dining table for a cozy nook or a large, extension or banquet table to fill a spacious dining room, our selection is designed to meet your specific needs. As a general rule of thumb leave a space allowance of approximately 50cm per chair to ensure ample dining comfort and ease of movement for each guest. Space planning ensures that your chosen dining table not only fits comfortably in your room but also enhances the overall dining experience.