Crabo Natural Stool/Side Table - Distressed Black

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The Crabo Natural Stool/Side Table in distressed black is hand-carved by artisans out of natural wood, creating a beautiful and simple form, unique to each piece. Loved by those who aspire to a casual, boho luxe aesthetic.



Natural wood finished in a distressed black

Approx: TBA

 This item is available for purchase in store only. Inspection required prior to purchase. 

Note: This item is not manufactured for outdoor use.

Our items are handcrafted, making each one unique and individual. Variations exist between each item. Due to the nature of natural and recycled timbers the products will come with some natural imperfections/characteristics. It is this type of timber that gives this furniture a unique and individual charm. Sometimes cracks/splits/movement may occur in natural and recycled timbers. This is a natural occurrence of this type of timber, as timber is a natural "living" material, and is an inherent characteristic to the wood and is no way a fault or defect. Natural and recycled timbers can expand and contract with humidity variations, seasonal changes and extreme temperatures, this is normal. It is recommended to avoid direct sunlight, heat or air conditioning. Please also keep your floors in mind. As with any natural material, whilst rare, existing moisture may leech over time. The colours on the timber will vary from piece to piece. All pieces come in their own individual colour and finish and no two pieces will ever be the same. This is part of the natural and rustic recycled charm of this furniture. Please inspect prior to purchase.