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Canalside Interiors was excited to work with the crew at Sydney's Shirt Bar to help create an interesting and unique environment. Have a coffee, buy a shirt or try a top-shelf scotch...the Shirt Bar does it all!

''It's just what we do,'' Hofbauer says. ''Justin does shirts. I do coffee. He proposed the idea to me a couple of years ago and we tweaked it a bit and came up with the 50-50 split. Rather than just having a mini bar offering in one corner we thought we should do it properly, so we put the bar right down the middle.'' By day, the Shirt Bar brews Hofbauer's own Fat Coffee blend. By night, a tall wooden shelf of bottles lights up and the DJ starts playing as city workers stream in. There are a few tables and scattered chairs and some fairly uninspiring, office-like decor befitting a shirt shop: teal walls, classroom-style carpet, big blackboards and minimal accoutrements. The lights could be dimmed more as well but now I'm getting petty." C/-

Shirt Bar

7 Sussex Lane, Sydney

02 8068 8222

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