Sunday Telegraph - Camilla Franks for Austral Bricks

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Canalside Interiors was excited to have its beautiful Bergere featured in the Sunday Telegraph for the Austral Bricks ad campaign showcasing top fashion designer Camilla Franks.

"Camilla Franks' trademark kaftans can be found in the wardrobes of women all over Australia, and celebrities all over the world, including Oprah Winfrey, Miranda Kerr, Kate Hudson, Lilly Allen and Beyoncé.

Camilla is a regular on Australian TV screens and has appeared on Project Runway and Australia's Next Top Model.

Her love of design began as a child, where living in homes designed by her architect father gave her an appreciation of what could be achieved with vision and imagination. A career in theatre led to a passion for costume design and in 2004 Camilla launched her first collection — to the tune of an opera she choreographed and directed herself!

Camilla's garments are instantly recognizable. Her unique prints combined with only the best natural materials have taken the kaftan from the hippy trail to High Street.

It's this reimagining — taking something familiar and finding new ways to express herself through it — that makes Camilla a perfect fit for Austral Bricks. With over 800 colours and thousands of finish, size and texture combinations in our range, you'll find an almost endless number of ways to live comfortably and look great — something that's at the very heart of Camilla's design philosophy.

Like us, Camilla finds inspiration in the natural beauty of Australia. But the one ingredient her design process doesn't include is discipline. "I don't like rules and I don't like having walls around me.

Natural materials, Australian influences, lasting comfort … Camilla Franks sounds like our kind of designer. We'll just agree to disagree on the walls." C/:!/camillafranks