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Thanks to White Rabbit Projects for featuring Canalside Interiors on its blog about the Industrial Chic furniture trend!

From White Rabbit Projects: 

"Recently (in the world of events and interiors) the world can’t seem to get enough of “Rustic”. The trend has been beautifully coveted in a plethora of wedding and event blogs and publications, why, WHITE RABBIT PROJECTS even found itself fall victim to it and boy what a ride it was and continuous to be.

The timeless trend is something we will never tire of – we still love it as if it was only born yesterday.

Now we want to turn your attention to a new trend – “Why, it’s all the rage my dear. Haven’t you heard?”. She goes by the name of ‘Industrial chic’.

If you’ve been privy to such fit-outs favoured by; The Grounds of AlexandriaKitchen by MikeQT Hotel, The Royal Hall of Industries,Carriage Works............... and our favourite haunt of late, the fabulous Canalside Interiors - this trend might be right up your alley." C/: whiterabbitprojects.com.au/white-rabbit-projects-steps-out-with-its-shiniest-industriai-foot-forward/

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Images Courtesy of: whiterabbitprojects.com.au/white-rabbit-projects-steps-out-with-its-shiniest-industriai-foot-forward/